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How to Get Your Car Back in Three Steps

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If you’ve ever had your car towed, you’re probably familiar with that awful, gut-dropping feeling. You went to get in your car, right where you left it and it’s not there. You think, “Did someone steal my car?” and then you might think, “Why would someone steal my car?” before moving on to the panic of “WHERE is my car?!”

Your vehicle is one of the most important assets in your life. It gets you to work, the ballgame, and if you’re lucky, to the beach in summertime. So it makes sense that when your vehicle gets towed and impounded, your way of life comes to a standstill and your focus shifts to getting it back. Though it may seem senseless, towing vehicles is necessary to improve traffic flow and eliminate hazardous conditions for everyone’s safety.

If your vehicle has been towed and impounded, here’s what to do to get it back in three steps:

1. Call 1-888-591-3636 to confirm your vehicle has been towed. We will be able to tell you where your vehicle was taken. You may also find the location of your towed vehicle by clicking below.

Locate Towed Vehicle

2. After confirming where your vehicle is located you must pay all outstanding tickets as well as tow and storage fees, plus all outstanding tickets and fees on any previously owned vehicles.

Payment options for impounded vehicles include:

  1. Online
  2. Via Phone at 1-888-591-3636
  3.  OR In-person,  at 913 Filbert Street.

3. After making all outstanding payments, go to the impoundment lot where your vehicle is located. You can find a full list of our Impound Lots here. Upon arriving, you must present the following documents to our Impoundment Lot staff:

  • Your valid driver’s license

  • Proof of current insurance for the vehicle

  • Current vehicle registration

  • Cashier’s receipt(s) along with the accompanying BAA/PVB Release Authorization for payment and/or adjudication of the tow and storage charges

  • Release authorization from the Philadelphia Traffic Court (only applies to vehicles impounded through Live Stop). If your vehicle was Live Stopped and you do not have a Release from the Traffic Division, please email at which time you will be given instructions on how to pay for the $75 Release Fee.

Now you know how to get your vehicle back! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via X (formerly Twitter) or Facebook and we’d be more than happy to assist you!

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