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CUSTOMER ALERT:  The Bureau of Administrative Adjudication, the Parking Violations Branch and PPA administrative offices will remain closed until further notice. The PPA is NOT enforcing meters, kiosks, or residential parking time limits (including expired permits) during the current COVID-19 public health emergency. Safety violations will still be enforced. Please click here for additional details on the PPA’s COVID 19 protocols.

For information on Right-to-Know Requests, please click here.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority

Provides residents, businesses and visitors to Philadelphia with comprehensive parking management services. Our responsibilities include developing the city’s supply of reasonably priced off-street parking, regulating the use of on-street parking, and providing convenient parking facilities at Philadelphia International Airport.

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Airport Parking

We provide on-site parking at Philadelphia International Airport and offer the most convenient solutions.


On Street Parking

We're dedicated to accommodating all the particular parking needs and uses of the city’s business and residential areas.


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PPA Staff Alert- March 27, 2020

All PPA offices will continue to remain closed except to personnel designated as "essential,” until further notice.  For additional information, please click here. Please visit

TLD Emergency Notice

Philadelphia City Officials announced on Monday, March 16, 2020 to halt all non-essential City government operations in order to reduce the spread of the COVID-19

Stay Safe by Staying Informed

The Philadelphia Parking Authority is actively and carefully monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19. The Authority is committed to maintaining the good health of all employees