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PPA Holiday Parking Specials

‘Tis the season to be jolly—and to take advantage of the parking specials we offer during the holiday season.

After you’re done scarfing down your Thanksgiving feast, it’s time to shift your focus to, you guessed it, holiday shopping.

Sure, you could take the easy route and shop for the it gift of the year on Amazon. But let’s be honest: There’s nothing like good ol’ fashioned window shopping, especially in a city as vibrant as Philly.

Here’s the scoop: As you scramble to get all of your holiday shopping done, we want parking to be the least of your worries. That’s why, every year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, we offer holiday shoppers some hard-to-beat parking options. Take a look below and while you’re at it, check out Visit Philly’s 20 Must See Holiday Attractions.

For a flat-rate of only $8 on Saturdays, you can park at the following PPA garages between 11 a.m. and 12 midnight.  

Note: To receive the $8 flat-rate, please visit the garage management office for your discount validation ticket. 

And now the big one: On Saturdays after 11 a.m., metered/kiosk parking will be free city-wide up until January 1, 2020.

Keep in mind: Residential parking time limits will still be enforced and all other parking regulations will remain in effect.

If you have any questions or need any guidance during the holiday season, reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook. Happy holidays!


Photo Credit: Joscelyn Paine via Flickr

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Customers to Expect Revamped Notices From the PPA


As the Philadelphia Parking Authority implements a new customer service interface in the near future, customers can also expect to receive revamped mailings from the Parking Violations Branch and Bureau of Administrative Adjudication.

Below are examples of a current mailing, and a revamped mailing to be expected in the near future.















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Where to Park for the Philadelphia Marathon

Running 26 miles in a single day sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? Welp, that’s exactly what 30,000 runners are signing up for on Sunday, November 24th at 7:30 a.m. as The Philadelphia Marathon sprints through the historically scenic streets of Philly.

Let’s get back to that whole 26-mile thing real quick. Yeah, there’s no question that’s a lot of ground to cover in one day, but the nearly 30-mile trek winds through Philly’s historic sites in Old City before sprinting down the always-scenic Fairmount Park Water Works on the Schuylkill River. So in the long run—see what we did there?—runners are also getting the quintessential Tour de Philly. And don’t worry, runners: Hydration stands will be set up as thousands of spectators cheer you on from start to finish. To get a glimpse of the course map, click here.

Now a quick word to the wise: With thousands of runners, spectators and multiple road closures, parking will definitely be tight. Luckily if you plan on driving to the marathon, we have two locations with cheap parking rates close to the starting/finish lines.

19th & Callowhill Lot
Weekend Flat Rate: $12 per day

Gateway Parking Garage
Weekend Flat Rate: $7

Family Courthouse Garage
Weekend Flat Rate: $11 per day



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The Petri Dish Episode 3: The PPA’s New Pay-By-Plate Parking Kiosks

In the third episode of the Petri Dish, Scott Petri discusses the installation of new Pay-By-Plate parking kiosks with our On-Street Project Manager, Brendon Crowther. With the new Pay-By-Plate parking kiosks, customers will no longer have to place a receipt on their vehicle’s dashboard. Instead, our Parking Enforcement Officers will verify payment by referencing the license plate numbers of parked vehicles.



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Pay-by-Plate Parking Kiosks: What You Need to Know

It’s out with the old and in with the new — parking kiosks that is.

On Tuesday, October 15th, we began installing new, state of the art, Pay-by-Plate parking kiosks throughout the city to improve the overall parking experience for Philadelphia’s residents and visitors.

The new Pay-by-Plate parking kiosks are jam packed with features that make paying for on-street parking a seamless and hassle-free experience. To get better versed in the change to the parking experience in Philadelphia, check out everything you need to know below.

Psst — make sure you have your license plate memorized.

What is going to happen?

The Philadelphia Parking Authority will begin a transition, in which it will change from a Pay and Display Meter Parking platform to a Pay by Plate Meter Parking platform. In addition, the single space meters will also be replaced with a Pay by Plate platform.

When will the changes happen?

The PPA will begin installing the new Pay-by-Plate parking kiosks on Tuesday, October 15th, 2019.

Where will the changes happen?

The Philadelphia Parking Authority will be implementing the Pay by Plate meters city wide beginning in Center City.

Why is the Philadelphia Parking Authority installing new kiosks?

The current kiosk and single space meters have reached the end of their life expectancy.

Will the parking rates stay the same?

Yes, there are no current plans to change the parking meter rates.

What will be the new features of pay-by-plate kiosks?

  • 9” color touch screen
  • 4 languages available ( English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin)
  • Optional receipt
  • Solar Powered
  • Tracks payment by license plate number

What are the benefits of new pay-by-plate kiosks?

  • Citizens do not need to display their parking receipt on dashboard
  • Citizens have the ability to use any kiosk, as long as they have the zone number they are parked in
  • Kiosk has a full color touch screen
  • Citizens have the ability to choose if they want to print their receipt, have the receipt texted to their mobile device, or not print a receipt

What is a parking kiosk?

A kiosk, also known as a multi-space meter, is a solar powered device used to manage multiple parking spaces.

How are the new pay-by-plate kiosks different from the old kiosks?

The new kiosks feature a pay-by-plate platform which eliminates the need for citizens to display a parking receipt on their dashboard. Instead, customers input their license plate number when making payment.  After making payment, our officers will check the license plate number with their handheld ticketing device to confirm your payment. The new pay-by-plate kiosks will also allow customers to pay for parking at any kiosk so long as the customer properly enters their license plate number and the zone number in which they parked. 

How many new pay-by-plate kiosks will be installed?

The PPA expects approximately 2,000 new pay-by-plate parking kiosks to be installed. 

How do I use the new pay-by-plate kiosks?

What forms of payment are accepted at a pay-by-plate kiosk?

The new pay-by-plate kiosks will accept credit cards and coins. Mobile payments can also be made through our mobile payment app, meterUP.

How does the Parking Enforcement Officer know I paid?

The Parking Enforcement Officer will scan your license plate number with their handheld ticketing device to verify your payment. 

NOTE: It is very important that you ensure your license plate number is correctly entered into the kiosk.

How do I get a receipt?

Obtaining a receipt will be optional. Users will have the option to either print a receipt, or have a receipt sent through text message. Receipts can also be obtained online at the link provided below.

What happens if I get a ticket when I paid for parking?

If you would like to dispute a parking ticket that you believe was issued in error, please follow the instructions located on our website at

If there is no kiosk in front of my parking space, do I still have to pay?

Yes, each block regulated by metered parking will have a kiosk centralized in the middle of the block. There will also be parking regulation signs indicating you must pay at the kiosk.

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Philadelphia Parking Authority to Begin Installation of NEW Solar-Powered “Pay-By-Plate” Parking Kiosks


(PHILADELPHIA) — Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) Executive Director, Scott Petri, announced during a press conference today that installation of new solar-powered “Pay-By-Plate” parking kiosks will begin in Center City on October 15, 2019, and will eventually expand city-wide to replace all existing kiosks and stand alone coin-operated parking meters.

In making the announcement, Petri said, “The PPA has always embraced the use of innovative technology to improve efficiency and the overall parking experience and quality of life for Philadelphia’s residents and visitors.The key to our new kiosks is remembering your license plate number.  Your license plate number is the basis for our new on-street parking operation.”

According to Petri, “Kiosk customers will be required to enter their license plate number, parking zone number, select payment methods of coin, credit or debit card. PPA enforcement officers will verify customer payment by electronically scanning each license plate to verify payment.”

The PPA’s “Pay-By-Plate” kiosks will initially be installed at current kiosk locations in Center City and will expand beyond that area and eventually go citywide — replacing all other kiosks and coin operated meters throughout Philadelphia. 

Petri stressed that “Customers must correctly enter their license plate number and will no longer be required to print a receipt from the kiosk that they were previously required to place on their vehicle’s dashboard — but they can choose to print a receipt, or receive one via text message,” he said.

During the transition period when new “Pay-By-Plate” kiosks are being installed to replace the existing kiosks, customers are reminded that until all kiosks are installed city-wide, both types of kiosks and stand-alone coin meters will be in operation in different parts of the city.

Below is a short video demonstrating how the new solar-powered “Pay-By-Plate” kiosks work;



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