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ALERT: PPA Announces $5 Garage Rate & Relaxed Enforcement During Snow Emergency


In response to the City’s Snow Emergency, which is set to begin at 8 AM on Wednesday, March 7, the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) will be offering a flat twenty-four hour $5 parking rate at the following Center City garages from 7 PM Tuesday, March 6, until the snow emergency is lifted.

To receive the discounted $5 rate, customers must bring their ticket and pay at the PPA Management Office in each garage.

During this snow emergency, the PPA will enforce all snow emergency and safety violations. Starting at 8 AM on Wednesday, March 7, meters, kiosks and time limit violations on residential blocks will not be enforced until the snow emergency is lifted.

Additionally, beginning at  8 AM on Wednesday, March 7, vehicles illegally parked on snow emergency routes will be subject to ticketing and towing. If your vehicle is towed during the snow emergency, please call 215-686-SNOW for its location.


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Parking and Transit During the Eagles Parade

Official event information including route and times

Date: Thursday, February 8.

Parade: Kicks off at 11 a.m. at Broad Street and Pattison Avenue, heading north toward the Art Museum. The parade will last approximately two hours.

Formal Celebration: Begins at 1 p.m. in front of the Art Museum. The program will last approximately two hours.

Parking and Transit:

In an effort to reduce vehicular traffic, the Philadelphia Parking Authority encourages all visitors to take public transit when coming into Philadelphia. SEPTA is operating a special Eagles Parade schedule with details available online at

There will be parking restrictions along and around the parade route.  A full list of the affected streets is available here. These restrictions go into effect at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, February 7, and extend into the late evening on Thursday, February 8. Cars parked in temporary no parking zones will be relocated. If your vehicle has been relocated, you may call 215-686-7669 for the location. Vehicles will be relocated to the 2500 block of South Swanson Street and 2500 block of Weccacoe Avenue. A map of the parade route and parking restrictions can also be found here.

In regards to normal PPA boot and tow operations, no impounded vehicles will be released on Thursday , February 8. The Impoundment Lot located at 2501 Weccacoe Avenue will stay open until midnight on Wednesday, February 7 for the release of vehicles. Additionally, the unclaimed vehicle auction scheduled for Thursday, February 8 on the 2500 block of S. Swanson Street is rescheduled to Thursday, February 15.

If at all possible, visitors should not drive into Center City. If, however, driving is necessary, the City encourages drivers to park in off-street lots and garages along the Parkway, Broad Street, or near the stadium complex. Please keep in mind that due to security and public safety concerns, parking will not be available at Lincoln Financial Field or the stadium complex. Please visit to find alternatives. The Philadelphia Parking Authority also has seven Center City garages with the cheapest parking rates in the City. A list of the garages can be found here. Additionally, our parking locator can be used by clicking here. If visitors must drive, they should contact individual parking facilities for rates and availability ahead of time.

There will be no enforcement of meter and time limit regulations on the day of the parade. Safety violations such as parking too close to the corner, fire hydrants, blocking crosswalks, and double parking will be enforced.  Additionally, the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s administrative offices will be closed Thursday, February 8. Offices will reopen on Friday, February 9 at 8:30 AM.

There will be significant travel delays on roadways and street closures immediately before, during, and after the Eagles Parade.

Additional details on everything you need to know about the Eagles Parade can be found here.

Residents, visitors, and journalists can also sign up for free parade text alerts by texting “ReadyEagles” to 888-777.


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Getting Greener: PPA Purchases Four Electric Vehicles

On Tuesday, January 23rd, and in conjunction with the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant awarded by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s (PPA) Board approved the purchase of four electric vehicles to be used by its Off-Street and Airport Operations Divisions through $20,000 in grant funds.

Acknowledging the purchase, PPA Executive Director, Scott Petri said, “Not only are we excited to purchase electric vehicles for our fleet, it reinforces our continued efforts to explore and implement cost saving, eco-friendly initiatives to our infrastructure.”

Over $86,000 of grant funds from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection were allocated to install a combined total of eight electric vehicle charging stations at PPA Center City garages and Philadelphia International Airport parking facilities.

“By purchasing new charge stations and electric vehicles, we will reduce our overall fuel costs and substantially reduce the amount of pollutants emitted by our fleet of vehicles,” said Petri.

Over a five-year span, the PPA expects the electric vehicles and charging stations to reduce fuel costs by $30,000 while reducing emissions by over 700,000 pounds. “As a public serving body, we not only have an obligation help protect our environment, but to also encourage others to follow suit,” said Petri.

In a May 2017, The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection awarded grants to 17 alternative fuel projects throughout the Commonwealth. These Alternative Fuel Incentive Grants will save an estimated 650 million gallons of fuel in Pennsylvania  while developing and promoting the use of alternative fuels throughout the Commonwealth.





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January 23rd, 2018: Board Meeting Round-Up

Chairman’s Items – Joseph T. Ashdale

  • Board Chairman, Joseph T. Ashdale, invited comment from members of the general public.
  • Board Chairman, Joseph T. Ashdale, introduced newly appointed Risk Management Director, Antonia Miller, and Internal Auditor, Walter Mingo

Director’s Report – Scott Petri

During his inaugural Board meeting, PPA Executive Director, Scott Petri, thanked the Board for the opportunity to lead the Authority. Additionally, Mr. Petri reported upon his initial observations of the Authority’s operations. Mr. Petri’s full directors report can be viewed and downloaded here.

Finance and Administration

Actual to Actual Summary Comparative Income Statements

  • The Board unanimously approved the Actual to Actual Summary Comparative Income statements presented by the the Authority’s Director of Finance, Gary Gordon

Budget to Actual Summary Comparative Income Statements

  • The Board unanimously approved the Budget to Actual Summary Comparative Income statements presented by the the Authority’s Director of Finance, Gary Gordon

Updated Right to Know Policy

  • The Board unanimously approved the Authority’s Updated Right to Know Policy
  • While there are no substantive changes, the Policy has been amended to make a more specific reference to the law governing the process and certain contact information for the Open Records Officer. Other changes include:
  • A requirement that the Executive Director re-appoint the Open Records Officer at the beginning of each fiscal year.
  • Clarification that the Legal Department need only be involved in the review of a request that raises legal questions.
  • A requirement that the Authority’s Internal Compliance Auditor conducts an audit of the Open Record Officer’s compliance with this policy and the law upon the conclusion of each fiscal year.
  • Additional information about the rights of the public to challenge a denial of a Right to Know Request and the manner in which the appeal must be filed, along with the general Pennsylvania Office of Open records contact information has also been added.

Managed Print Services

  • The Board unanimously approved a $40,000 final additional spending increase for Managed Print Services through the Authority’s print services vendor, KDI, Inc.

Purchase of Electric Vehicles

  • The Board unanimously approved the $134,000 purchase of four Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles to be used at the Authority’s airport and off-street parking operations.
  • In December 2016, the Board approved the purchase of 24 electric vehicle charging stations for installation at the Philadelphia International Airport parking facility, Family Courthouse Garage, Market Street East Garage, Parkade on 8th, and Independence Mall Garage.
  • The Authority was subsequently awarded a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for installation of 24 electric vehicle charging stations under the condition the Authority purchase an electric vehicle fleet.

Updated Procurement Policy

  • The Board unanimously approved language and process clarifications to the Authority’s new Procurement Policy and Standard Operating Procedures, which was adopted by the Board on September 27, 2017.

Settlement of Tort Claim Mele v. PPA

  • The Board unanimously approved a $30,000 major jury motor vehicle action claim to the Plaintiff, Bruno Mele.
  • The $30,000 settlement comes in conjunction with outside counsel, the Authority’s insurer and the Authority’s Legal Department.

Mission Statement

  • The Board unanimously approved the Authority’s revised Mission Statement.
  • The Authority’s revised Mission Statement was recommended to more succinctly state the Authority’s mission and the particulars of how that mission is accomplished.
  • The Authority’s revised Mission Statement can be found and downloaded here.

Fire Extinguisher Service Contract       

  • The Board unanimously approved a revised contract with Alarm Tech Systems, Inc. for fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance services, which are required by the Philadelphia Code and Charter.

Investment Policy

  • The Board unanimously approved amendments to the Authority’s Investment Policy.
  • The amendments come as the Authority’s Director of Finance has determined that Freddie Mac falls within the limitations of investments found in Section 5510.1(c)(2) of the Parking Authorities Law.

Approval of External Auditor Boyer & Ritter LLC

  • The Board unanimously approved the awarding of an External Auditing Services contract with Boyer & Ritter, LLC.
  • The potential savings from contacting with Boyer & Ritter for a five year contract is (at a minimum) $225,000. 

Engineering and Design

Repair Lintels At Essington Ave

  • The Board unanimously approved a Change Order in the amount of $25,000 in relation to the contract awarded to Schneider Restoration, Inc., for steel and masonry restoration work at the Authority’s Impound and Vehicle Maintenance Facility at 6801 Essington Ave.
  • With the approval of this Change Order, the final contract amount is reduced from $193,000 to $168,000.

On-Call Structural Engineering

  • The Board unanimously approved a Change Order in relation to the contract awarded to O&S Associates, Inc., for On-Call Structural Engineering Services.
  • With the approval of this Change Order, the contract issued to  O&S Associates, Inc., will be extended 90 calendar days with no change required in the contract amount of $300,000 per year.

On-Street Division

On-Site Auctioneer Services for Unclaimed Vehicles

  • The Board unanimously approved the purchase of On-Site Auctioneer Services for Unclaimed Vehicles through Aspite Auto Auction.
  • As the lowest, most responsible bidder, Aspite Auto Auction will receive 2.5% of the gross revenue generated from the sale of unclaimed vehicles; a .5% reduction from the Authority’s previous contract for such services.

Airport Operations

Hardware and Software Support for Airport Operations Primary and Redundant Data Centers

  • The Board unanimously approved purchasing a one (1) year subscription service for CISCO hardware and software support for the Authority’s airport operations data center.
  • The subscription is a necessary annual subscription that provides:
  • Hardware replacement for any failed CISCO hardware component.
  • Firmware patches that will add features to the hardware and address identifiable security issues or concerns.

Taxi & Limousine Division

Docket No. A-17-11-02

The Board unanimously approved the sale to transfer ownership of Medallion No. P-0292 along with the issuance of a corresponding taxicab certificate of public convenience.

Applicant-Buyer: Please Car Inc, CPC Application No. A-103623-01
Owner-Seller: Grassia, Ralph Cab Co., Inc., CPC No. 1000714-01
Sale Price: $43,000.00

Docket No. A-17-11-04

The Board unanimously approved the sale to transfer ownership of Medallion Nos. P-0668 and P-0744.

Applicant-Buyer:  Zega Trans Inc, CPC No. 1034935-01
Owner-Seller: Pinnacle Cab Inc., CPC No. 1018902-01
Sale Price: $75,000.00

Docket No. A-17-05-02

The Board unanimously approved the sale to transfer ownership of Medallion No. P-0802 along with the issuance of a corresponding taxicab certificate of public convenience.

Applicant-Buyer: Kler Taxi Inc, CPC Application No. A-1035731-01
Owner-Seller: Oged, Inc., No.1000740-01
Sale Price: $53,000.00

Docket No. A-17-11-05

The Board unanimously approved the sale to transfer ownership of Medallion No. P-0547 along with the issuance of a corresponding taxicab certificate of public convenience.

Applicant-Buyer: B&B Trans Co, CPC Application No. A-1036262-01
Owner-Seller:  Grassia, Ralph Cab Co., Inc., CPC No. 1000714-01
Sale Price: $43,000.000


UPDATE: Normal Enforcement of Parking Regulations to Resume at 6:00 AM on 1/6/18


With the lifting of the snow emergency at 8:00 p.m. Thursday, January, 4, parking is now permitted on Snow Emergency routes. If your vehicle was towed from a snow emergency route, please call 215-686-SNOW for its location. DO NOT call 911.

Safety violations will continue to be enforced through the night. Normal  enforcement of parking regulations will resume at 6:00 a.m. Saturday, January 6. That includes meters, kiosks, time limit requirements, as well as safety violations.

Motorists who parked in PPA garages prior to the lifting of the Snow Emergency Declaration at 8:00 p.m. Thursday, January, 4 will receive the $5.00  flat-rate so long as vehicles exit the garage by 10:00 a.m. Friday, January 5. Motorists must go to the management office in the garage to receive the $5 flat-rate. Motorists entering after 8:00 p.m. Thursday, January, 4 will be charged the normal parking rates.



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PPA Announces New Leadership Team


During its monthly meeting, the Board of the Philadelphia Parking Authority today approved the hiring of Scott Petri as the agency’s new Executive Director. A current member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives where he serves as Chairman of the Urban Affairs and Ethics Committee and Vice Chair of the Appropriations Committee, Mr. Petri will assume his new position on January 2, 2018.

As part of a wider reorganization, the Board approved other changes to its leadership team, including the hiring of Mr. Vincent Thomas as Deputy Executive Director for Off-Street Parking Operations.  Mr. Thomas is currently the Chief Operating Officer for the Baltimore Parking Authority. He will oversee all PPA parking garages and lots, airport parking operation, engineering and design initiatives.

It was also announced that Interim Executive Director Clarena Tolson has agreed to stay on and will serve as Deputy Executive Director for Strategic Planning and Public Engagement. Among many other duties, she will build an Evaluation and Analytics Department to provide needed data and analysis for all operating departments.

Commenting on the Petri hiring, PPA Chairman Joe Ashdale said, “Scott Petri brings years of public service and a wide breadth of knowledge and experience, having served as Chairman of the House Ethics Committee and Vice Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, where he was involved in oversight of the state’s annual $30 billion budget. Scott has the necessary skills, temperament and leadership abilities to move this agency forward.”

Commenting on his hiring, Petri said, “I am honored by the confidence and trust the Board has placed in me. I will bring my knowledge and experience, after many years serving on the House Ethics, Appropriations and Urban Affairs Committees to the task of improving the PPA, making it more efficient, transparent and accountable,” he said.

“My initial goal will be to conduct a top to bottom review of the agency and implement additional changes and reforms, to help regain the trust and confidence of the people we serve,” he said.

In commenting on the hiring of Vincent Thomas, Ashdale said, “We are pleased to add Mr. Vincent Thomas to our leadership team. He brings years of professional expertise and a solid background in parking after having served as the Chief Operating Officer for Baltimore Parking Authority.”

“Our new leadership team would not be complete without the continued presence and contributions of Clarena Tolson. The Board is indebted to Clarena Tolson for her service over the past fifteen months. She came to us at a time of crisis. Her calm, professional approach allowed us the opportunity to implement transformational change at the PPA,” Ashdale said.

Commenting for the Board, Ashdale said, “The PPA of today is not the same agency that it was fifteen months ago.  We have made a number of substantive and concrete changes to make the agency more efficient and transparent — including implementing over 80% of recommendations contained in a recent audit of the agency.”

“With Scott Petri’s hiring today, we continue the process of further reforming this agency and improving our service to the people of this city,” Ashdale said.

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PPA Launches Widely Popular meterUP Pay-by-Phone App Today!


After an initial pilot period, the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s hugely popular meterUP pay-by-phone parking application is being launched today and will expand citywide over the next four months. “After the success of the initial pilot program, we are delighted to offer this very popular and convenient pay-by-phone option to the parking public. Our customers will now have the convenience of remotely paying or adding time for parking,” PPA’s Executive Director, Clarena Tolson said.

When initially introduced, meterUP was hailed as a PPA technological innovation aimed at improving customer service and convenience for motorists parking in Philadelphia. It was widely embraced because of its convenience and easy to use, customer-friendly application features.

“Our goal is to improve convenience and the overall parking experience in Philadelphia for all of our customers. We believe meterUP is a major step in the direction of improving customer service and convenience,” Tolson said.

The new meterUP app allows drivers to pay for parking with a smartphone and remotely add more time to the kiosk. Registration and use of meterUP is easy and will save customers time and money. Users can extend parking sessions remotely and stop time early to avoid wasting unused minutes. Customized parking expiration reminders are also be featured in meterUP. Clearly marked signs and decals with zone numbers and directions on how to use meterUP will be posted throughout the city over the next few weeks. meterUP will only work at kiosks where there are meterUP signs with specific zone numbers. In order to avoid a ticket, app users must ensure they are referencing the correct meterUP zone numbers when making mobile payments.

The PPA has partnered with Parkmobile, LLC to power the meterUP app. Parkmobile, LLC is highly regarded in the industry, with years of experience and a well-deserved reputation. They are the vendor to many large cities throughout the United States, including New York City, Denver, Dallas, Washington, DC, and Miami.

Commenting on the upcoming launch of meterUP, Parkmobile CEO Jon Ziglar said, “Parkmobile is proud to power meterUP — a convenient, accessible option for users to park on-the-go. With more than 7 million users, we have redefined the parking standard. Users no longer have to rely on coins or cards to pay for parking.”

meterUP uses cutting-edge technology to offer real-time parking solutions on all mobile platforms. Now users will have the option to pay and add time to their parking meter remotely from the convenience of their mobile device. Philadelphia is a progressive, fast-paced city with a parking option to match. We look forward to working with the Philadelphia Parking Authority to offer these services,” he said.

After an initial start-up phase, meterUP and Parkmobile will be accepted for mobile payment of kiosk fees in Philadelphia – and conversely — the meterUP app may be used for payments in any locale in the country where Parkmobile is used.

Customers will be able to use meterUP by visiting, downloading the meterUP app available for iOS and Android, or by calling (877-727-5303). All customers will be required to download the new meterUP application.



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