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The Bureau of Administrative Adjudication (BAA): What you Need to Know

BAAGetting a ticket can be frustrating, especially if you thought you were legally parked. When you feel you don’t deserve it, you might wonder “what can I do about this?”

You can’t change the ticket or make it go away, but you can contest it.

If you disagree with a parking citation and would like to contest it, The City of Philadelphia Bureau of Administrative Adjudication (BAA) provides several ways to do so, including web upload, mail, or an in-person hearing.

Located at 913 Filbert Street, the BAA provides administrative hearings for disputed parking tickets and is a separate entity from the PPA.  For a little insight, check out the FAQs below:

What does the BAA do?

The primary purpose of the BAA is to allow citizens to appeal parking tickets and related enforcement sanctions such as booting or towing. 

Aren’t the BAA and PPA the same thing?

No, they’re separate government agencies. The BAA falls under the jurisdiction of the City of Philadelphia’s Finance Department. In accordance with Chapter 12-2800 of Philadelphia’s City Code and Charter, the BAA is granted authority to handle disputed tickets. The PPA is one of several agencies that issues City of Philadelphia parking tickets and therefore cannot adjudicate them as well.

Is it better to contest a ticket in person?

Cases are decided on the merits of testimony and other documentary evidence. Whether that presentation is better made in person, via web upload or by mail is entirely up to the person making the appeal.  

What should I bring to a hearing?

If you’re disputing a citation, it is up to you to provide your own evidence. This could include pictures, police reports, or anything else that you think may help your defense. Hearing Examiners cannot produce evidence for you.

Does the BAA have a website?

Yes, citizens are encouraged to visit BAA’s website, particularly the FAQ section.  Many questions can be answered and you’ll be prepared before visiting the BAA. 


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