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Behind the Scenes: PHL Airport Parking

When I was a child, I always enjoyed field trips. They got me out of school and if I was lucky enough, I learned a thing or two. When I learned that the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) operates the parking facilities at the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), I decided to
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Easing the Confusion: Scooter/Motorcycle FAQ’s

Updated on: 3-20-2015 Whether you’re a Yamaha guy or a Harley gal, you might have wondered about the parking regulations for scooters and motorcycles in the city since we regularly receive questions about parking rules and regulations related to scooters and motorcycles through our Facebook and Twitter pages. To clear up
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Roll Call: How PEOs Start Their Day

Most work cultures include daily routines and rituals that help get the day started. Restaurants have pre-shift meetings and sports teams have pre-game pep talks.   Parking Enforcement Officers (PEOs) at the PPA are no different. They start their days with a roll call. The benefits of a pre-shift/pre-start/roll call or “whatever
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